More new and exciting plans for our church building

 On Sunday 28th April around fifty people attending an open meeting of Church Council packed the Church. Something new was in the air! Michael Setter, our architect, had suggested we might consider yet another way of making the best use of the space inside our Church building. And consider it we did!

For over an hour we wrestled with the question: ‘Which of the five options we now have before us is the right way ahead?’ We asked:

·     Which one best fulfils our Mission Statement: “Our ministry and mission, as a welcoming, hope-based community, is to celebrate the love of God through prayer, challenge, respect, and care of creation”?

·     How can we best reconfigure our building so that everyone who enters feels welcome and hopeful – young and old, disabled and people with special needs, those for whom entering a church building is natural and those for whom a church is a strange place?

Sitting round tables, we pored over plans; we used our imaginations; we talked and we listened. Finally, we held up our hands to vote.

What had we decided?

We had looked again at the plan to divide the church horizontally by building a mezzanine floor; then we looked at Michael’s new idea of dividing the church vertically with a ‘moveable wall’. This would

·     Divide the church down the middle with a screen which could be open or shut: the front end would be mostly for worship; the rear end (nearest the present door) would be for Junior Church and/or after church coffee.

·     With the screen open, the whole space would be available for church and community activities.

·     Create a new room above by extending the gallery and making the gallery floor flat.

So it is ‘good bye, mezzanine’ and ‘hello, moveable wall’.

The Redevelopment Committee is getting busy working on how to get the very best out of this space so that all who enter will know they are welcome and will find new hope in their lives.